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More About Principal Josh Regan

  1. Job: Principal
  2. Favorite ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
  3. Favorite animal: Tiger
  4. Favorite color: Blue
  5. Describe the happiest day of your life: The day that I married my wife, Nikki.  She has given me three beautiful children, and a life that is better than any I imagined before we started our journey together.  Nikki has made me a better person and she is my best friend.  A close second would be the day that KU won the National Championship in basketball.
  6. Name one crazy item off of your bucket list: I want to go grizzly bear hunting in Alaska.
  7. If you were an animal what would you be and why: I would like to think that I was a leopard- sleek and fast and cunning.  But most days I feel more like a rhinoceros- big and slow and clumsy.
  8. Best movie ever: Jeremiah Johnson